Spring Sell-Off Sales Event, Going on Now!

Morgantown Ford Dealer

Our hassle-free, transparent approach to pricing has made Toothman Ford West Virginia’s undisputed new and pre-owned price leader. This season, we’re taking our can’t-be-beat pricing to the next level, with our “Spring Sell-Off Sales Event,” for a limited time, while supplies last!

Our lot is chock-full of premium, new and pre-owned options, each providing exceptional value to consumers and every one priced well below our direct competitors, Kelley Blue Book and big-box giants. We have over 150—yes, 150!— pre-owned vehicles in stock, right now, that we’ve held from auction, solely for your benefit. Rather than distributing these vehicles at auction, we’re offering them directly to you—our valued customer—at, or below, auction prices.

“We realize that our consumers have more information available to them to make an educated purchase than at any time in the history of the automobile business,” remarked Toothman Ford owner, JR Toothman.  “We embrace this fact, because we realize that an educated consumer will see our value pricing strategy as saving them both time and money.  There are many instances where a customer comes in and says that they want to go look around and shop, and we actually encourage this process because it reinforces our great prices and transparency,” Toothman later said.

Our Spring Sell-Off Sales Event means incredible savings, but only for a limited time. There has never been a better opportunity to purchase pre-owned. If you’re looking to cash in on unbelievable savings, please do not wait another moment to contact our dealership. Click, call or visit our convenient in-store location to make your dream purchase a reality.

If it’s not a Ford you’re after, that’s okay.

We are so proud to be a top Ford Dealer in the state of West Virginia, and we believe that the Ford name speaks for itself. According to IHS Automotive, last year, Ford was the most-searched automotive brand on Google and also had the greatest percentage of owners who returned to the market to purchase or lease another Ford vehicle.

Two months ago, we unveiled an idea that was brand-new to our company, to our social media networks and to our large community of friends, customers and neighbors.

The BIG IDEA was to hand-select a “Featured Vehicle of the Week” and highlight its most attractive selling points to consumers. Features such as incredible fuel efficiency, stellar AutoCheck reports, luxury elements and competitive pricing attracted the attention of customers near and far in the form of likes, comments and shares, but also, in calls, emails and dealership sales! Naturally, as with any brand-new idea or concept, a few questions began to arise. A few fans asked us questions like, “Why would a Ford Dealer want to spotlight competitors’ makes and models?” or, “Aren’t you in the Ford business, why not feature a Ford?” The short answer, of course, is that Toothman Ford isn’t in the business to simply “sell cars.”

Our goal since the early days of 1967, has been to help educate and guide you in the buying cycle, so that you’re able to make an informed buying decision, with respect to your lifestyle and finances. At the end of the day, you and your family will drive off of our lot and into your future. Toothman Ford staff members know that purchasing a car, truck or SUV is not a one-size-fits-all formula. We offer a no-pressure, no-hassle, no-nonsense experience and if you ask any our customers, that’s the only way to go.

We are so proud to be a top Ford Dealer in the state of West Virginia, and we believe that the Ford name speaks for itself. According to IHS Automotive, last year, Ford was the most-searched automotive brand on Google and also had the greatest percentage of owners who returned to the market to purchase or lease another Ford vehicle. That’s a big deal, but if those facts don’t speak to your needs, what good is it for our staff to pressure you into purchasing a shiny, new Ford?

What we do better than any other dealer in Grafton, Morgantown, Fairmont, Clarksburg, Phillippi, Bridgeport, Tunnelton, Elkins and beyond, is cater to individual client needs by offering one-stop shopping to those who need it most. We understand that your time is extremely valuable, so we offer customers a wide range of brand-new vehicles as well as a host of quality pre-owned options so that buyers are able to evaluate and assess which models best-fit specific needs. We’re not limited to all-new Ford models, because every customer that walks through our doors isn’t looking for the same thing.

If it’s not a Ford you’re after, that’s okay. Fortunately, we have an entire lot peppered with a variety of high-quality, pre-owned vehicles offered at an incredible price point when you consider Kelly Blue Book (KBB), regional competitors and big-box giants. We’re proud to say that our new and pre-owned business model is something that our customers have been extremely receptive to. In January, we were named 2014 DealerRater Ford Dealer of the year, as well as a DealerRater Customer Satisfaction recipient. These consumer driven awards are two that have spoken most to our mission, and have meant the most to our staff.

Our willingness to listen to our customers has helped shape our business, and essentially has propelled our growth over the years. The success of our online business, in addition to our brick and mortar location, has given us the opportunity to expand beyond state, regional and national lines, touching more and more lives each year. As we grow, our mission will remain the same. We want to give our customers the advantage by presenting them with only the verybest in new and pre-owned, and offering benefits that competitors simply cannot match. In the end, our customers drive away happy. 

Toothman Ford Reminds Motorists: Replace Older Tires, Regardless of Wear; Examine Tires Monthly to Help Ensure Safe Travel

GRAFTON, West Virginia, March 10, 2015– Toothman Ford is reminding vehicle owners of Ford Motor Company’s recommendation to replace tires, even unused tires, after six years, regardless of tread wear, and to practice proper tire maintenance.

Ford research has determined tires degrade over a period of time due to such factors as weather, storage conditions, and type of use including load, speed and inflation pressure.

“Come in to Toothman Ford for help in determining how old your tires are and whether it’s time to replace them,” said JR Toothman.

Heat or frequent high load conditions can accelerate a tire’s aging process. Signs of aging include cracking of the tread and sidewall rubber. As not all signs of tire aging are visible, Ford recommends all tires, including an unused spare, be replaced after six years regardless of wear due to the possible effects of aging.

Ford recommends vehicle owners also inspect the tread of their tires for uneven or excessive wear at least once a month. Built-in tread wear indicators, also known as wear bars, appear on the tire when the tread reaches one-sixteenth of an inch, or 2 millimeters. Wear bars look like narrow strips of smooth rubber across the tread grooves. A tire should be replaced if its tread is worn down to one-sixteenth of an inch.

When inspecting their vehicle tires, motorists are reminded to:

  • Check the last four digits of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Tire Identification Number, located on the tire sidewall, to determine the week and year it was manufactured.  The last two digits show the year the tire was made
  • Watch for DOT Tire Identification Numbers that end in three digits.  Those tires were manufactured prior to 2000 and need to be replaced
  • Check for signs of aging, such as cracks on the tread and sidewall, as well as any deformation to a tire’s exterior
  • Remove objects – such as stones, nails or glass – that can become wedged in the tread grooves
  • Check valve stems for holes, cracks or cuts that can cause air leakage
  • Check sidewalls for cracks, cuts, bruises, bulges or excessive wear; if internal damage to a tire is suspected, the tire should be removed and inspected for potential replacement

How driving behavior impacts tire wear 

A motorist’s driving can have an impact on tire wear and safety. Hitting potholes and curbs can result in tire damage and changes in a vehicle’s alignment. If a vehicle seems to pull to one side while driving, this could indicate the wheels are out of alignment – resulting in uneven and rapid tire tread wear.

Toothman Ford recommends vehicle owners:

  • Observe posted speed limits, avoid potholes and objects in the road, and take care when parking not to run over curbs or allow tires to come in contact with a curb
  • Periodically have tires balanced to avoid uneven wear, and seek assistance from an authorized dealer to check for and correct any wheel misalignment or other mechanical problem if tires do show uneven wear
  • Rotate tires at the recommended intervals indicated in the scheduled maintenance section of the owner’s manual. This helps tires wear more evenly and will lead to better performance. After rotating, tire inflation pressures must be checked, and adjusted if needed, to the level indicated on the safety compliance certification label, which can be found on either the driver’s-side door hinge pillar, the door latch post, or where the door edge meets the door latch post

Tire risks in the winter months

Changes in temperature can have an effect on tire inflation, with a 10-degree drop in temperature causing a corresponding drop of 1 psi in tire pressure.

It is particularly important during the winter that vehicle owners check their tires at least once a month, and – when necessary – adjust tire pressure to the proper level of inflation indicated on the safety compliance certification label.

This reminder follows the recent TireWise campaign initiated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. For more information, visit the TireWise website, www.safercar.gov/tires.

Shelby GT350R Mustang: Most Track-Capable Production Mustang Ever Built Coming to U.S., Canada Later This Year


New Shelby GT350R, a limited-production performance Mustang, will be available later this year at Toothman Ford, located near Morgantown, WV.

  • A combination of changes to aerodynamics and suspension tuning to the new Shelby® GT350R Mustang leads to most race-ready road-legal Mustang ever
  • Significant engineering innovations result in weight savings, aero improvements to benefit on-track performance; Ford is the first major automaker to introduce carbon fiber wheels as standard equipment on Shelby GT350R Mustang
  • New Shelby GT350R, a limited-production performance Mustang, will be available later this year

Ford today unveiled the new Shelby® GT350R Mustang, the most track-ready road-going production Mustang ever built.

In 1965, Ford and Carroll Shelby developed a road-racing version of the popular Ford Mustang – the Shelby GT350 Competition model. Lighter, more powerful and with a highly developed suspension, it is one of the most iconic racing Mustangs ever produced.

Arriving later this year, the new Shelby GT350R has been designed and engineered in the same spirit, delivering never-before-seen track capability from a Mustang – thanks to innovations in aerodynamics, chassis engineering and light-weighting.

“The Shelby GT350R Mustang is a no-compromise car in the pursuit of maximum track capability,” said Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, Global Product Development. “It is a thoroughbred street car making use of technology and ingenuity to deliver performance few enthusiasts have ever experienced.”

The car features the first-ever production V8 from Ford with a flatplane crankshaft – the most powerful naturally aspirated engine Ford has ever produced – plus a specially tuned suspension. It is fitted with revised spring rates and antiroll bars, lower ride height, unique track-tuned alignment settings, revised bushingsand jounce bumpers, cross-axis ball joints in the front suspension, and revised calibration controlling the MagneRide dampers.

“The Shelby GT350R Mustang is a car with the nimbleness and power delivery you want on a road course,” said Nair. “This isn’t just about horsepower. The Shelby GT350R is an all-around balanced athlete – one that is extraordinarily precise and agile.”

Track technology for the street

Lightweight carbon fiber wheels are standard on Shelby GT350R, making Ford the first major automaker to introduce this innovative wheel technology as standard equipment.

Carbon fiber wheels have been offered on only a handful of exotic supercars and will benefit Shelby GT350R performance by shaving critical unsprung weight and reducing rolling inertia. The 19×11- inch front and 19×11.5-inch rear wheels provide approximately 13 pounds of unsprung weight reduction per wheel and offer higher levels of stiffness than equivalent aluminum wheels.

The lightweight wheels will be shod in Michelin’s top-shelf Pilot Sport Cup 2 high-performance tires with rubber compound and a construction unique to Shelby GT350R. This combination of incredibly stiff and light wheels with bespoke tires offers customers exceptional steering feel and levels of performance.

Weight reduction in pursuit of performance Ford engineers delivered against aggressive targets for weight reduction on the Shelby GT350R. If a part did not make the car faster around a road course, it was considered for deletion.

Items removed include air conditioning, the stereo system, rear seats, trunk floorboard and carpet, backup camera and emergency tire sealer and inflator. Exhaust resonators also have been removed for weight savings with the benefit of creating a sharper exhaust tone.

Shelby GT350R is more than 130 pounds lighter than the Shelby GT350 Track Pack model, which has proven its durability in multiple 24-hour racetrack tests.

For customers seeking more comfort in their Shelby GT350R, Ford is offering an optional Electronics Package. Included is dualzone air conditioning, 8-inch touch screen with navigation, sevenspeaker audio system, turn signal mirrors and more.

Aggressive aerodynamics

Shelby GT350R has been optimized for aerodynamic excellence. Details including the hood vent for heat extraction and lift reduction, underbody belly pans front and rear, an aggressive diffuser, vented wheel wells and turbulence-reducing fender vents, wheel air curtains and side skirts all remain on Shelby GT350R, but the car’s downforce capability has been increased.

Revisions to the front splitter maximize downforce, while an allnew high-efficiency carbon fiber rear wing has been added in anticipation of competition. The wing moves the vehicle’s center of pressure rearward while improving downforce and lift balance – ideal for high-speed track work.

“Shelby GT350R’s highly efficient aerodynamics, innovative lightweighting and world-class chassis deliver a truly spectacular driving experience that makes you feel like a professional racing driver,” said Kerry Baldori, Ford Performance chief functional engineer.

World-class powertrain

The new 5.2-liter dual-overhead-cam V8 engine is the firstever production V8 from Ford with a flat-plane crankshaft – an architecture typically found only in racing applications or exotic European sports cars.

Unlike traditional V8s, where the connecting rods are attached to the crankshaft at 90-degree intervals, this design evenly spaces all crank pins at 180-degree intervals to optimize high-speed engine breathing. It is the most powerful naturally aspirated production Ford engine ever, with more than 500 horsepower and more than 400 lb.-ft. of torque.

An air-to-oil engine oil cooler typically found only on race cars maintains engine temperatures under the most severe conditions, as does a standard cooler for the six-speed manual transmission.

A Ford-tuned limited-slip Torsen differential with 3.73 axle ratio is optimized for cornering grip and straight-line traction, while an electronically modulated rear-mounted air-to-oil differential cooler maintains ideal temperatures during track driving.

Dedicated R design details

Aside from carbon fiber wheels, larger front splitter and rear wing, Shelby GT350R features distinct design details. Exterior touches include red painted brake calipers, red pin striping at the edges of the optional over-the-top racing stripes and Shelby GT350R badging. Inside is high-contrast red stitching, Shelby GT350R badging and the D-shaped steering wheel fitted with a red center mark at the top.

New breed of performance

The limited-production Shelby GT350R will be available in the United States and Canada later this year, and is one of more than 12 new Ford Performance vehicles coming by 2020.

“This is the pinnacle of performance Mustangs today,” said Dave Pericak, director, Ford Performance. “The Shelby GT350R Mustang lays the groundwork for a story that will play out for years to come on the track and the street.”

All-New Ford Mustang Arriving at Toothman Ford

Ford Mustang Morgantown, WV

It’s here! The all-new 2015 Mustang hits Morgantown’s Number 1 Ford Dealer, Toothman Ford, this month… and we couldn’t be more excited. The new pony car is loaded with innovative technologies and delivers high levels of performance and style.

Mustang’s impact goes well beyond the 9 million-plus cars sold in its 50 years of continuous production. It has made thousands of appearances in film, television, music and video games, and is the world’s most-liked vehicle on Facebook.

The Mustang experience
The way Mustang looks, drives and sounds is key to the visceral experience that makes drivers just want to get in the driver’s seat and hit the road, as you can see in the demo videos. The Mustang is the first car to offer four-, six- and eight-cylinder engines that each produce at least 300 horsepower.

With more powertrain options to choose from, there is a Mustang to fit any lifestyle:

The 3.7-liter V6 and upgraded 5.0-liter V8 are joined by an all-new 2.3-liter EcoBoost® engine that brings state-of-the-art technology to Mustang.

Mustang GT continues with the latest edition of the throaty 5.0-liter V8, now featuring an upgraded valvetrain and cylinder heads that help boost output to 435 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft. of torque.

All-new shape, yet unmistakably Mustang
The clean-sheet design of both Mustang fastback and convertible evokes the essential character of the brand, retaining key design elements – including the long sculpted hood and short rear deck – with contemporary execution.

  • Several key design features define the all-new Mustang, including:
  • A lower, wider stance with a reduction in roof height, and wider rear fenders and track
  • The return of Mustang fastback with a sleeker profile enabled by more steeply sloped windshield and rear glass
  • Three-dimensional, tri-bar taillamps with sequential turn signals
  • Contemporary execution of the signature shark-bite front fascia and trapezoidal grille

Smarter than your average pony
The all-new Mustang features a significant amount of innovative technologies providing drivers with enhanced information, control and connectivity when they want it. From Intelligent Access with push-button start to SYNC
® and MyKey® in every Mustang built, plus standard Track Apps, MyColor® gauges and a new Shaker Pro Audio System, Mustang drivers in Morgantown, Grafton, Clarksburg, Fairmont, Bridgeport and beyond, will be able to customize their time behind the wheel.

When it’s time to back off and relax for the drive home, available advanced driver-assist features including Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®) with cross-traffic alert and adaptive cruise control can help ease the load, while SYNC AppLink lets drivers control their smartphone apps to listen to their favorite form of entertainment.

Debuting on the 2015 Mustang are enhancements to the SYNC® 911 Assist® feature. The enhancements will provide the ability to deliver information such as the maximum change in velocity during impact, indication of crash type (front, side, rear or rollover), safety belt usage as detected by the vehicle, awareness of whether multiple impacts occurred and whether airbags were deployed.

More airbags, more high-strength steel

An all-new inflatable airbag restraint design provides the front seat passenger with knee airbag protection while significantly reducing system size and weight, enabling a roomier interior for more comfort. This new airbag is part of a standard comprehensive safety system that includes a more robust package of sensors, safety belt anchor pretensioners, improved exterior lighting and double the total number of airbags on the fastback Mustang.

50 years of Mustang
April 17, 2014, marked the 50
th anniversary of the introduction of the original Ford Mustang and each 2015 model celebrates the milestone with a badge on the instrument panel that includes the galloping pony logo and the words “Mustang – Since 1964.” Mustang will continue to be built in the United States at Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan.

Everyone who’s anyone is interested in the all-new Mustang! AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson is even the first person to order the special edition Petty’s Garage Mustang as seen at SEMA, which will be announced later this month. Va-va-vroom!

Toothman Ford won the 2015 DealerRater Ford Dealer of the Year Award. Now what?

You may have heard by now, that Toothman Ford has just received an outstanding honor from DealerRater.com, the No. 1 online resource for consumers seeking trusted information about dealers. If you’re at all familiar with the auto industry, you know that there are dozens upon dozens of achievable honors. But there’s something very special that sets this particular achievement apart from all the rest; and that something, happens to be you.

DealerRater Dealer of the Year awards are based entirely on the reviews of customers…people just like you. Unlike many other awards and accolades, this one in particular, is not determined by record sales numbers, public relations efforts, big advertising budgets or witty campaigns. This award is simply a measure of what our customers think of us.

Mathematically speaking, our recent DealerRater selection was determined using a Bayesian algorithm that factored our average DealerRater consumer rating and the total number of reviews written during the 2014 calendar year; in other words, hundreds of customers took to the internet to share their personal experiences with our customer service, quality of work, friendliness and pricing. As a result, we were rated the best in the state. While “Toothman Ford” was given the glory and a year’s worth of bragging rights, it’s our customers (from Grafton, Morgantown, Fairmont, Bridgeport, Elkins, Clarksburg, Philippi and beyond) that we have to thank for this one.

We’ve done our best to establish our brand as the market leader in the Morgantown, West Virginia-area automotive market in regards to transparent, low-market pricing. Every day, we do our very best to be upfront and honest with each customer that walks through our doors. It’s because of this, that customers like Stephen Tancin have said things like, “Our family has been buying vehicles from Toothman Ford for 20 years.” Or Marshall Emrick, who said, “I was very impressed with the honesty and integrity of our sales staff.” Or like Heather England, who said, “After purchasing my vehicle from Toothman Ford a few months ago, I immediately sent my dad in as well since he was looking for a truck,”…“The quality is second to none.”

Truthfully, we feel that this award shows that our customers recognize what we’re all about; when it comes down to it, that’s all that matters.

So after all has been said and done, when the dust settles and as the title of this blog post prompts, we ask, “Now what?” Do we rest here on this achievement and ride it out like a soft, rolling wave until 2016, comfortably secure in our new, albeit legendary, title? Sure, we could…but that’s not our style.

The very best way that we can uphold this award and pay homage to our customers is to simply keep doing what we’ve been doing. We’ll pay it forward— to new and repeat customers, to the Grafton community and to local charities and organizations that we actively support. We’ll continue improving our dealership by listening to your feedback and we’ll only measure success through our customer’s experiences and the relationships that we forge. Thanks again, and until next year, cheers!

The car-buying experience: What buyers should look out for and whom they should trust.

Today, more and more car buyers are shopping online and doing their due diligence by researching dozens of dealerships, makes and models before ever stepping foot on a car lot. Consumers’ attention has become more divided and time, more scarce. Traipsing from one dealer to the next has become rudimentary. In this blog post, we’re going to help you sift through a handful of smoke and mirror tactics, so that you’re able to find a new or used dream car that fits your lifestyle, at the right price, faster.

Buying a car is a big deal. It’s a very large investment and should warrant heavy consideration. You should never feel pressured into making this type of decision. Salesmen will often tell you that the offered price is only available for a limited amount of time, and that several other people are interested in the vehicle, so you’d better hurry up and make a rash decision! Smart buyers do as much research as they can online, considering pricing and features of each option, so that by the time he or she arrives on a lot, they’re prepared to be respectful, of course, but to take fuzzy or confusing information with a grain of salt.

Another trick that Ford competitors in Morgantown, Fairmont, Clarksburg and surrounding areas employ, is an inflated trade in. This works when you’ve got a set price in mind that you want to accept for your trade in. They’ll offer you exactly what you want, but make up for it on the backend by inflating the price of your new car. You think you’ve won, but don’t be fooled. On the other hand, you may come into the dealership with a monthly payment threshold; salesmen will get the number to where you want it, but they’ll prolong the loan term so you’re actually paying more in the long run. The best thing to do in this situation is to negotiate each part of the purchase, independently. At Toothman Ford, we refuse to play games. We invite you to shop as many dealerships as you’d like to determine the best choice for your family. 

Another device of deception that we’ve seen time and time again, is the good ol’ bait and switch. Our customers have voiced their experiences with dealers who’ve advertised unbelievable pricing online, only to be “sold out” once a customer arrives at the dealership. The goal here is to simply get you onto the lot. Our online inventory is updated frequently to ensure that what you see, is what you get. If you’re unsure about a vehicle’s availability or pricing, simply call the dealer. If you’d like additional peace of mind, request an email or fax from the dealer to confirm that a vehicle is still in stock. That way, you’re able to prove your case, should a car, truck or SUV magically disappear upon your arrival. We’re busier today than we’ve ever been, who has time to waste on a daily basis?

Beware of the middleman. General automotive resource websites like TrueCar.com, Edmonds.com and kbb.com (Kelley Blue Book) advertise a comparison platform, which essentially allows customers to search new and used inventory from various dealers to determine the best price. What you’ll find at Toothman Ford, is that we’re able to offer a better car-buying experience by eliminating the middleman and demonstrating complete honesty, up-front, every time. We offer the most competitive prices, proudly displayed beside each of our vehicles. Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing the best vehicles at the greatest value and customer service to match. But don’t take our word for it, we invite you to read some of our customer’s DealerRater or Google + reviews. We’re proud to say that our customers have thoughtfully rated us above any other Ford Dealership in West Virginia.

The bottom line is this: Do not take vehicle purchase lightly. By becoming an educated consumer, you’ll avoid a lot of the pitfalls that have plagued buyers for decades. Do your research and take your time. If you have any questions, or would like to speak with our owner, JR Toothman, please call (304) 265-3000!

Happy Holidays, from Toothman Ford!

Toothman Ford Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are officially here! Gifts have been purchased, wrapped and placed below each twinkling Christmas Tree. For those of you who’ve not yet wrapped up Holiday Shopping, listen up! We’re offering last minute, gift-giving guidance just before Santa heads back to the North Pole. Toothman Ford’s 2014 Gift Guide is spot-on and (sigh of relief) requires no more stressful Holiday shopping!

For the Responsible One

Gift this to an individual who not only appreciates the appearance of a freshly-detailed vehicle, but also, recognizes that caring for a vehicle is simply smart ownership.

  • Gift Certificates for Car Details: Select any dollar amount and it will never expire! Treat your friend or family member to something they can really take advantage of when the salty, wintry mix melts! Our experts will get them in quickly and spend quality time ensuring that each car, truck or SUV looks as good as new! This is the gift that keeps on giving. Buy a gift certificate worth one detail, or buy a year’s worth- it’s up to you!

Ford Dealership Morgantown, WV

For the Rough & Rugged

This versatile gift is perfect for virtually everyone! For those that live life and make a mess in the process. Trust Weather Tech Floor Mats to protect your vehicle’s resale value!

  • Holiday Specials on Weather Tech Floor Mats: This one is a steal! We’ve got unbelievable Holiday Specials on Weather Tech Floor Mats now through New Years! All-Weather floor mats are designed to offer top-of-the-line protection for a variety of makes and models. Whether your vehicle is only responsible for getting you from Point A to Point B, or if its responsibilities include much more work, like transporting an entire soccer team, trust Weather Tech Floor Mats to pull away dirt and debris like no other product on the market.

Toothman Ford Weather Tech Floor Mats

For those that enjoy a little added bonus

Sneak in an extra gift under the tree with your name on it. P.S. It won’t cost you anything extra!

  • Free Gallon of Washer Fluid: Proper vehicle maintenance includes consistent oil changes and tire rotations completed by certified automotive professionals. Let us reward your due diligence! Receive a FREE gallon of washer fluid when you schedule an oil change and tire rotation, now through New Years. That’s one sweet cherry on top!

Toothman Ford

Skip the Big Box Experience and Shop Local this Holiday Season


When we think of Black Friday, images of shoppers fighting for the closest parking spot, the next spot in line, or the last Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa flood into our minds. Shoppers come home exhausted with their Christmas present deals and steals in hand as their trophies, feeling victorious that they’ve survived another Black Friday. We applaud you, brave and triumphant shoppers, but this year, we urge you to rethink the big box store experience and instead, shop small.

Toothman Ford encourages our followers, especially our loyal customers, to fight for small businesses in our local neighborhoods and support Small Business Saturday. In 2010, American Express founded Small Business Saturday to help small businesses during the holiday season and throughout the year with their most pressing need- getting more customers. American Express started a powerful movement and more people are taking part each year. This year, the big day to shop small is Saturday, November 29.

Small businesses are the backbone of the US economy. These local businesses have roots in the communities that they serve and therefore, donate thousands of dollars to local charities and organizations that are near and dear to them. They create jobs in communities across America by hiring local, not outsourcing labor overseas to cut costs. This could not be truer than here at Toothman Ford. Our contributions to the community sustain efforts like visual art programs in schools, local little leagues, charities such as Susan G. Komen and MS Walk for Life and leading health facilities to include West Virginia Children’s Hospital and Betty Puskar Breast Care Center.  Thanks to your contributions and support of our dealership, this year alone, we’ve been able to contribute close to $40,000 to local organizations.

For decades, Toothman Ford has employed the most hardworking and qualified individuals whose primary objective is going above and beyond for each and every customer.  Your support of local business helps maintain the economic balance within our region. Your patronage ensures that neighbors are able to support the needs of their families and eventually, help send their children off to college. 

American Express asks us,  “Small Businesses are there for you. On November 29, are you there for them?” 

So this Thanksgiving, enjoy the after-turkey-nap that turns into a full night’s sleep instead of midnight shopping, spend Friday all day with your family and friends you don’t see often, and join the shop small movement on Saturday in support of your local community.The BIG day to Shop Small is Saturday, November 29, 2014.

Dealership Service Cannot Be Overstated. Period.

You’re only a first-time customer once at Toothman Ford, and after the first initial sale, ideally, you’ll transition into a lifetime customer as a direct result of our clear focus on building real relationships with each and every person that walks through our doors. After all, it’s our customers that have rated us above our competitors and have coined our company Morgantown’s most trusted Ford Dealer. 

You’ll find that our business has less to do with “selling you a car” and much more to do with finding you the right vehicle to fit your lifestyle, and then expertly servicing your vehicle in a way that only Ford-certified auto professionals can. In fact, last month alone, our talented team of automotive professionals spent over 200 hours outside of our dealership, training at a handful of programs, in order to stay abreast of the latest technology, product lines and procedures. We heavily invest in education because our customers that span Grafton, Morgantown, Fairmont, Bridgeport, Clarksburg and beyond deserve to have the very best services available to them, every day, without fail.

Certified Dealership Service by Morgantown's most trusted auto repair shop.

Certified Dealership Service by Morgantown’s most trusted auto repair shop.

Too many of our service customers have come to us after experiencing an egregious blunder at the hand of an inexperienced repair shop in the name of  “saving money.”  I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again: The importance of dealership service cannot be overstated. Saving a few dollars here and there on minor repairs, could mean thousands of dollars in auto repair bills down the road.

To give you a better idea of what we’re talking about here, we recently had a customer who had taken their high-end, diesel truck to a local repair shop for a basic oil change, hoping to save a few dollars in the process.  A few days later, he experienced catastrophic engine failure and called our service department to try and figure out what could have possibly gone wrong. After further inspection, our staff determined that his oil was never changed, and hadn’t been changed in over 15,000 miles. In addition, the local repair shop used a cheap, aftermarket filter that did not meet Ford specifications of what is required. As a result, the customer, who was looking to simply save money on routine maintenance, may be looking at a $16,000, out-of-pocket diesel engine replacement.

Don’t land yourself in a costly situation. When you choose to have your vehicle serviced by Toothman Ford, you’re paying for our expertise. We are 100% committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and deep savings through frequent and worthwhile promotions. Currently, we’re offering a comprehensive winterization package for just $69.95–we want you to be safe out there on the road, choose to have you vehicle serviced by Morgantown’s most trusted Ford Dealer.

Protect your vehicle before Old Man Winter rears his ugly head

 We want you to be safe out there on the road; let us protect your family with our Winterization Package for just $69.95!

We want you to be safe out there on the road; let us protect your family with our Winterization Package for just $69.95!

Summer is long gone and the stunning autumn leaves have come into view. Soon, vibrant holiday decorations will adorn our homes and bright lights will illuminate our community. As winter quickly approaches, and wonderful West Virginia becomes immersed in a snowy wonderland, you’ll thank your lucky stars for taking earlier precaution on preventative maintenance for your vehicle. You intelligently invested in a comprehensive winterization package from West Virginia’s most trusted Ford Dealer, Toothman Ford!

Purchase our comprehensive Winterization Package for just $69.95:

  • Oil Change
  • Wiper Blades
  • Battery Voltage
  • Belts and Hoses
  • Tire Pressure

Oil Change

The bleak seasonal weather adversely affects many areas of your vehicle, and if not treated properly, can leave you in a terrible situation. An oil change, for example, is a critical component to winterization and must include a specific oil with the right viscosity, or thickness, so that it keeps your engine lubricated- do not procrastinate!

Wiper Blades

Another type of preventative maintenance includes replacing your wiper blades. A standard set of wiper blades lasts about one year. When salt, brine and ice begin to accumulate, visibility is reduced.  Having a fresh set of blades in conjunction with a full reservoir of windshield washer fluid can be a tremendous lifesaver.

Battery Voltage

To avoid an impromptu jumpstart in the middle of a blizzard, be sure to have your battery voltage checked, then double checked, particularly, if your battery is more than a couple years old! Our service staff will make sure that your battery’s posts and connections are corrosion free.

Belts and Hoses

Even if you’ve purchased a newer vehicle, Jack Frost has a way of abusing even the most modern belts and hoses. Be proactive by letting our experts check for wear and tear so that you’re safer on the country roads.

Tire Pressure

We wrap up our winterization checklist with a tire-pressure check! Properly inflating your tires increases the amount of traction you’re able to maintain with the road. Traction can be affected in wet, snowy or icy conditions and can jeopardize the safety of your family. Better protect them making sure that your tires are ideally inflated.

Buying Pre-owned: A Note from Our Owner, JR Toothman

Buying a pre-owned automobile can be a stressful encounter for many people, as they find the process a little overwhelming and slightly confusing.  In this day of technology and instant information, there are a multitude of variables at your disposal as a consumer and at Toothman Ford, we are aware of this and cater to this type of clientele.  

We realize that time is at a premium these days, and that consumers don’t want to spend weeks driving from lot to lot listening to sales pitch after sales pitch.  It is my fundamental belief that if we offer ultra competitive pricing below market value and handle the transaction with respect and in a swift manner that consumers will choose to do business with us, and they will send their friends and family to do the same.  

As a business owner I’m not naïve enough to think that every decision we make in regards to customer service or policy is always going to be spot on with every customer’s expectations; however, I feel strongly that by myself and my management team making decisions as if we were in the customer’s shoes, that we will satisfy most of these needs most of the time.  For instance, our used vehicles are priced on average about 12% below our competitor’s internet prices, thus allowing us to gain tremendous visibility on the internet and our own website.  Where as years ago, we were confined to our general area of Fairmont, Morgantown, Clarksburg and Grafton, now we have the entire world as our marketplace.  I mean that quite literally as in the past two years we have sold vehicles in 36 states and 4 countries.  

What some consumers don’t understand about our pricing model, is that there is not a lot of inflation built in so that we can give you an over allowance on your trade while at the same time being priced over $2000 or more LESS than our competitors.  We do live in a world marketplace and my competitors are no longer just dealerships up the street but also dealers and auto distributors throughout North America.  This seems daunting, but yet to us it is exciting because it expands our horizons to be able to pass our transparent pricing structure on to countless people outside our market area.  The bottom line is that if you want to buy a pre-owned vehicle at below market prices, without a lot of trade games, then Toothman Ford is your outlet, not only in Grafton, Fairmont, Morgantown, WV, but anywhere where you can reach www.toothmanford.com.

-JR Toothman

Toothman Ford Helps Keep Art Alive for Grafton-Area Youth

Toothman Ford will shine a very bright spotlight on local students Saturday, November 8, as we host Artomobiles, a signature Ford-themed art show. 

We’re keeping art alive as part of a long-standing commitment to supporting and uplifting area youth through a variety of local projects and events. Through Artomobiles, we’re hoping to foster creative minds as they examine the century-long impact of the Ford Motor Company through artistic interpretation.

“Ford is iconic and art is certainly timeless,” remarked JR Toothman, owner. “We’re excited to see talented local artists depict that relationship through mixed-media,” he later stated. 

Artomobiles participants are advised to follow and closely adhere to the guidelines below as they develop art that expresses the rich history and promising future of the Ford Motor Company. 

Morgantown Ford Dealer

Date: Saturday, November 8, 2014 at 3PM at Toothman Ford

Purpose:The purpose of the Ford-themed Art Contest is to recognize the artistic achievements of area children, teens and young adults in a way that will illuminate the history, craftsmanship and innovation of the Ford Motor Company. 

Eligibility: The contest is open to all children, teens and young adults, aged 6 to 18, that live in the Grafton area and are currently enrolled in the Taylor County School System. The contest will be independently judged based on adherence, technique, personal expression, organization and fusion.  All applicants must be available to present their artwork on Saturday, November 8, 2014. 

Prize: All winning entrants will receive awards appropriate to their grade level. First-prize winning art will be kept and displayed at the discretion of Toothman Ford.  All other art will be returned to the student following the culmination of contest events.

Originality: All work must be created by the student.  The entry must be conceptualized and completed by the student. If judging panel has any doubt as to the originality of the piece, it will not be accepted. 


  • Submit only one piece of artwork per student.
  • Maximum entry size is 24 inches by 36 inches, not including matting. Minimum entry size is 8 inches by 10 inches, not including matting. 
  • Entries that have been electronically produced or altered in any way are not eligible.
  • Artwork must be completely dry or fixed.
  • Works on paper should be matted to protect the artwork. Works on stretched canvas or canvas board do not need to be matted.
  • No framed artwork.

Judging Criteria: 

  • Adherence: The submitted artwork must highlight the history, craftsmanship and/or innovation of the Ford Motor Company.
  • Technique: The student uses both media and tools competently to create an original, themed piece. 
  • Personal Expression: The evidence of imagination, creativity, and individuality is clear.
  • Organization: Student understands the elements and the principles of art, effectively selecting those which clearly enhance the overall quality of the work.
  • Fusion: The work successfully combines technique, expression, and organization to achieve an effective result.

Categories: Artwork will be divided based upon the age of contestants at the time of submission. In each division, two prizes will be given: a second-place runner up prize and a first-place, cash award.

Toothman Ford Offers Limited-Time Incentive: 0% for 72 Months

0% Interest for 72 Months

Upgrade Now, Keep Your Payments Low

Now, through September 2, 2014, take advantage of unbelievable incentives on select 2014 Ford models at Toothman Ford, Morgantown and Fairmont’s most trusted Ford Dealer.

Enjoy state-of-the-art design in conjunction with outstanding fuel efficiency in any one of our 2014 models, to include: The Escape, Fusion, Focus, Explorer and Taurus, among others. As a tremendous bonus, we’re offering 0% interest for 72 months, through September 30, 2014. Cash in on low interest rates and low monthly payments, regardless of credit.

“This is a unique opportunity to upgrade your current vehicle with the distinct possibility of lowering your interest rate and keeping your payment within a similar budget,” stated JR Toothman, Owner.

Test drive a dynamic series of vehicles, ranging from the sophisticated and stylish Ford Fusion to the  powerful, yet remarkably efficient Ford Edge. The 2014 lineup is so versatile, we guarantee that our certified experts will be able to select the premium, leading-edge vehicle that best-suits your individual lifestyle– no questions asked! 

“The money savings of 0% at 72 months cannot be over stated; if you’re considering a purchase and have been waiting for a deal that cannot be passed up–it’s here, right now,” JR Toothman later remarked.

Get ready for whatever comes your way. Try the all-new 2014 lineup and get to where you need to go, in style.

Pre-Order the Next-Generation Ford F-150 Pickup, Featuring 11 Astounding Innovations

Pre-order the 2015 Ford F-150 right now, and guarantee your shot at one of five brand-new models, featuring 11 innovations available for the very first time in any light-duty pickup.

Pre-order the 2015 Ford F-150 right now, and guarantee your shot at one of five brand-new models, featuring 11 innovations available for the very first time in any light-duty pickup.

Pre-order the 2015 Ford F-150 right now, and guarantee your shot at one of five brand-new models, featuring 11 innovations available for the very first time in any light-duty pickup.  Toothman Ford, Morgantown’s most trusted F-150 dealer is helping you get behind the wheel of America’s top-rated truck, 37 years running, with transparent, upfront pricing and unmatched customer service.

This week, Ford unveiled a solid F-150 lineup for its 2015 release, trimming the number of models down from 10 to five. The F-150 XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum represent the most powerful, advanced breed to date. With over 100 patents pending, the next-generation truck continues to offer customers never-before-seen breakthroughs in all areas-body exterior, interior, chassis, design, electrical, engine and safety-that will validate its ranking as the best-selling vehicle in the United States for 32 consecutive years.

According to Mike Levine, Ford Spokesman, the redesigned 2015 Ford F-150 pickup starts at $26,615, while the 2015 Ford F-150 King Ranch starts at $49, 460. Buyers can expect to see intuitive, streamlined technology paired with unmatched strength and durability.

Car buyers know that Toothman Ford offers only the very best new and used vehicles at the lowest cost, making our dealership a #1 priority among even the most discerning customers.  Take advantage of perfect timing and be among the first to drive the all-new, 2015 Ford F-150. Pre-order with Toothman Ford today!